Actor Enchong Dee to MMDA spox Celine Pialago: “Mamamayang Pilipino nanaman mag-aadjust?”

The popular actor, Enchong Dee has recently reacted to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Spokesperson Celine Pialago who said that the trænsportation strike was a big failure which happened two days ago.

Enchong Dee then asked Pialago on his tweet that the public seems to adjust once again for the plan of the government about the Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Modernization Program that will occur in 2020.

He said that due to the high price of modern jeepneys, the government should give the owners of the PUV for the modernization of their vehicles.

The actor stated,

“Mamayang Pilipino nanaman mag-aadjust? Why not provide for the Jeepney driver’s modernization… if the govt finds it expensive, how much more the jeepney drivers?”

He also describes Pialago as “clueless of the state of Metro Manila traffic”.

Pialago posted on her social media account on October 1, telling that some groups of the trænsportation strike that held two days ago was a big mess.

Pialago also promised that the trænsportation strike that happens will not affect the government, telling that it provided trouble and difficulty to the commuters.

Pialago told,

“Despite the good intentions of the government, puro reklamo lang ang kaya niyong gawin. Nasasanay kayong gobyerno ang mag aadjust sa lahat ng reklamo niyo particularly dito sa PUV Modernization Program.”

She continues,

“You should follow the system and if you have complaints, follow the protocol. And don’t ever tell us that making your trænsport str1ke unsuccessful is clamping down on freedom of expression. Nakapag-strike na kayo, may freedom kayo. Pero hindi kayo entitled para pagbigyan ang gusto ninyo.”

Pialago even mentioned BAYAN Secretary-General Renato Reyes, saying that they are only wasting their time that’s why they should stop the trænsportation str1kes to operate.

Pialago stated,

“Tigilan mo ko Renato Reyes. Tigilan mo kaka strike mo para pahirapan ang mga pasahero dahil hindi ka magtatagumpay.”

She also said,

“Kung kaya mong mag trænsport str1ke ng isang taon baka sakali magtagumpay ka. One day? Try harder.”