Biktima ng NPA sinupalpal si Catriona Gray at Pia Wurtzbach: “You have sold your souls to the devil, and yet you look like angels”

Matatandaan na naging usap-usapan sa social media ang tungkol sa bagong ipinukalang batas na anti-terr0r bill na kung saan maraming mga kilalang personalidad ang nagpahayag ng kanilang pagtutol.

Isa na nga jan ang Miss Universe na si Catriona Gray at Pia Wurtzbach na kung saan nagpahayag agad sila ng kanilang pagkadismaya sa isinusulong na batas sa bansa.

Kaya naman hindi napigilan ng isa sa mga biktima ng New People’s Ar my na si Drei Toledo na kung saan sumulat ito ng isang liham para sa dalawang Miss Universe.

Ayon pa kay Toledo nakakadismaya umano ang pagtutol ng dalawang Miss Universe winners sa isinusulong na anti-terr0r bill.

“You both probably won’t even waste time reading this. I have reached out to your painfully insensitive Twitter posts using your Miss Universe platform to spread so much ignorance about the Anti-Terr0rism Act of 2020. It’s not that I expected for either of you to respond anyway. I’m aware beauty queens have canned spiels all the time. You have people managing you and training you to say this or that, whilst you wish to project to the entire world that you are both confidently beautiful with a heart and that you wish to use your influence for the greater good,” saad pa ni Toledo na isang biktima ng NPA.

“However, how can you be sincere in all that when you have effectively used your platform to help CPP-NPA-NDF Communist-Terr0rist propagandists to further oppress the REAL vict ims of CPP-NPA-NDF vi0lence?” dagdag pa nito.

Hindi rin lubos maisip ni Toledo kung papaano umano nakakatulog ang dalawang beauty queens matapos nilang baliwalain ang mga totoong biktima ng mga komunista.

“Have you been accustomed to so much privilege that you no longer care about the real vict ims of terr0rism? Did someone gift you with something so incredibly expensive that you feel subconsciously indebted to suddenly echo that person’s #JunkTerr0rBill propaganda?”

“Do you both think you suddenly sound so “enlightened” because you allowed CPP-NPA operatives to exploit your influence to protect covert terr0rists in the Philippines? Did you naively think you could mask your crass materialism by posting #WOKE statements embedded and circulated by CPP-NPA-NDF Communist-Terr0rist propagandists?”

“Oh, is it because there are no more photo ops to be had? No more beauty pageant titles to win? No big advertisements and contracts to be gained?” dagdag pa nito.