British national may mensahe kay Sen. Risa Hontiveros matapos nitong maglabas ng pahayag tungkol sa viral video

British national may mensahe kay Sen. Risa Hontiveros matapos nitong maglabas ng pahayag tungkol sa viral video

Kahapon lamang ay naging viral sa social media ang isang video na kung saan makikita ang isang lalaki na tila nakipagmatigasan sa pulis.

Sa viral video, makikita ang isang lalaki na tila umaksyon na bubunot ng baril kaya agad dinepensahan ng Pulis ang kanyang sarili at agad na pinaputukan ang lalaki.

Dahil sa nangyari, agad na naglabas ng pahayag ang senador na si Risa Hontiveros na kung saan hiniling nito sa Commission on Human Rights at Philippine National Police na imbestigahan ang naturang incidente.

“There is NEVER an excuse for brutlity and viol3nce, especially towards persons with m3ntal illn3ss and the powerless.”

“I am urging the Commission of Human Rights and the Philippine National Police to immediately conduct a full investigation into this incident.”

“COVID-19 ang kalaban natin, hindi ang kapwa natin mga Pilipino.” dagdag pa ng senadora.

Kaya hindi napigilan ng isang British national at kilalang taga suporta ni Pangulong Duterte na si Malcolm Conlan na sagutin ang naging pahayag ng senadora tungkol sa incidente.

Sa kanyang open letter para sa kay Sen. Hontiveros, tinawag niya na “unfortune” at “regrettable” ang nangyaring incidente. Nalulungkot rin siya sa para sa biktima.

Nilinaw rin ni Conlan na suportado niya ang karapatang pantao at naniniwala rin siya na may mga karapatan rin ang mga pulis na depensahan ang kanilang mga sarili.

Basahin ang kanyang open letter sa ibaba:

Dear Ma’am Sen Risa Hontiveros,

This was an unfortunate inc1dent and of course any loss of life is regrettable. I am also sad to hear that the v1ctim was me3ntally challenged.

I also believe in human ri1ghts, the right to life of the officer involved and the right of self defence!!!

Sadly, in this situation, as the officer approached the man and repeatedly gave him instructions on how to act, the male quickly and suddenly reached into his bag. This was very clear to see on a full video of the inc1dent.

Sadly, we live in an age when even women and children are being trained as t3rr0rists. It’s impossible to tell who out there has bad intentions against us. You hear of so many cases around the world where people who are m3ntally challenged would pick up a g/un or kn1fe and k1ll many.

Also, to be honest and thankfully, those with a m3ntal il/lness don’t carry a sign around their neck indicating this. This would have meant it was difficult if not impossible for the officer to identify that the susp3ct was m3ntally challenged!

This was not an incident involving bru1tality nor v1olence, this was an incident where an officer felt thr3atened or at r1sk. Sadly, it takes only a second to pull out a g/un and thus the decision on whether to engage or not has to be made pretty damn quickly too.

How can this be a case of bru1tality anyway? The man wasn’t randomly shot, he wasn’t beaten up or t*rtured, sadly and tragi1cally, he found himself at the receiving end of a bu1let, f1red in self defence from a perceived thr3at.

RIP to the unfortunate v1ctim of this trag1c indecent and deepest condolences to his family and well done to the officer concerned for doing his duty and reacting as he has undoubtedly been trained.

Finally, I am quite sure the officer concerned is upset over this and trau/matised and these kind of comments from you are not helpful to him.


Malcolm Conlan

Well done to the brave men and women of the PNP/Military who are doing their job under very challenging circumstances.