DDS Blogger says “The more you listen to the Liberal Party and the Opposition, the more you become ignorant.”

The well-known social media personality and DDS supporter has recently made a statement about the Liberal Party and the opposition on her Facebook account.

Krizette Chu stated that people only became ignorant the more they listen to the Liberal Party and the opposition because they don’t know the true problem and only know is to blame everything to President Rodrigo Duterte.

She also said that the real problem in this country is systemic which is needed to change and we are fortunate because President Duterte helps the issues in the Philippines to lessen. The President also didn’t use his majority in the Congress and Senate to silence the problems which only cause his government to look bad.

The veteran blogger and social media defender of President stated that it seems like President Duterte was handling a lot of problems right now because he lets us talk in the problems, hoping that our legislative change them, he didn’t care if there are any mistakes, because the mistake needed to be changed.

At the end of her post, Krizette urged her followers not to listen to the Opposition, because they were only let them become an idiot and ignorant to blame everything in the government without knowing the real problem.

Read the full statement of Krizette Laureta Chu:

The more you listen to the Liberal Party and the Opposition, the more you become ignorant.

You know why? Because they don’t want you to know the real issue. All they want is to simplify things and then blame Duterte, which is the be-all and end-all of their issues.

Blame Duterte for laws that have been in place before he took over. Kung di ba naman kulang sa brain cells, they will blame Duterte for laws that their own allies and idols have crafted, passed, and amended.

But if you really love this country, you will see that the problem is systemic.

Gaya ng Bucor release of convicts who have committed heinous crimes. We only know about Mayor Sanchez because he’s notorious, but what about the nearly 2,000 people that’s been released since 2014?

Ang daming ganitong issues, including rice smuggling, Customs, etc.

It’s the system that needs changing, and we are lucky that in the time of Duterte, issues like this are brought to the fore and not silenced by the powers that be.

Duterte has never used his majority in Senate and Congress to silence issues that will make his government look bad. Meanwhile, Ilan ang appointees ni Noynoying ang na-Senate inquiry sa kapalpakan nila at nanagot? Sa lahat ng kapalpakan, may isa ba syang hinayaang managot?

So ngayon mukhang si Duterte ang maraming problema because he allows us to discuss issues in the hopes of our legislative changing them. Wa sya paki kung mukhang maraming palpak, because the palpak needs to be changed, because matagal na tinago.

Moral lesson: Do not listen to the Opposition, or you’re going to be the kind of simplistic idiot whose captions for every issue is “GAGONG GOBYERNO ITO” without even knowing what the issue really is.

Don’t be that ignorant fool. Napaghahalataan ka tuloy na wala kang masyadong alam tapos mema ka lang ngayon kasi hate mo si Duterte.

Wag maging bobo para sa ikaka improve ng Pilipinas—wag makinig sa Liberal Party.

(Suggestion lang naman, yan ay kung mahal nyo ang Pilipinas. Pero kung Liberal Party lang ang mahal nyo… knock yourself out.)

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