DDS Blogger to Sen. Lacson: “Sorry Sen. Lacson, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Dear Ping Lacson, you weren’t there when Mar Roxas completely lost control over the rescue, relief, and rehab phases–ALL THREE PHASES–during the Yolanda operation.
When did you come in as rehab chief?

You werent there when he couldn’t control the looting, and when there were jailbreaks, and when there were home invasions. You weren’t there when the government prematurely decided to pull out the additional policemen. You weren’t there when Roxas didn’t act quick enough to provide security to the region as chaos ensued.

You weren’t there when he took his sweet time deciding what to do with the bod1es that littered the streets, so that mothers had to sleep with their dead children while starving. You weren;t there when food and emergency supplies did not come, with some places still unreached at the one-week mark. You did not even call him out that the emergency fund to be given ASAP were given to some years after Yolanda happened. Emergency funds, and yet they are so proud to have the budget “untouched”–untouched while people suffered in their decrepit homes.

There are so many other factors to the Yolanda rehab that do not even involve money.

And even if the LGUs failed, as you were quick to claim, he was the HEAD OF THE ENTIRE LGU as DILG chief. What kind of reasoning is this? It’s called command responsibility.

The LGUs failed because they themselves were affected and there were thousands of people dead. How could a region like Leyte/Samar handle something that wretched? How could our national government fail in providing the most basic necessities?

We’re not even talking about money, Sen. Lacson, or why Mar should not be blamed for the mishandling.

Do you mean to diminish the suffering of the entire Yolanda experience as a simple budget misappropriation?

Mar’s failures isn’t just about how he failed to do his job well as the DILG head, not just fiscally, although as a self-touted economist, what a stain on his credentials to not have foreseen the economic damage and ramifications to the people affected.

No, we’re not talking just money.

We’re talking efficiency. We’re talking responsibility. We’re talking decisiveness in the face of chaos. We’re talking leadership. We’re talking empathy. We’re talking kindness. We’re talking qualities that we badly need in our leaders.

Sorry Sen Lacson, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Dear Ping Lacson, you weren't there when Mar Roxas completely lost control over the rescue, relief, and rehab…

Posted by Krizette Laureta Chu on Thursday, March 28, 2019

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