Duterte orders NFA to buy all palay from farmers, DDS Blogger reveals why the President is well loved

Krizette Chu Defended President Duterte against the Issues of the Farmers from the Rice Tarrification Law

Recently, the well-known social media personality and DDS supporter, Krizette Laureta Chu defended President Rodrigo Duterte against the issue of the farmers who were having a hard time now because of the Rice Tarrification Law.

She stated that the President always listening to both sides and always selected those benefits the poor people and the disadvantaged. She continues that President Duterte ordered NFA to purchase the palay at good prices so the farmers didn’t need to sell it to the traders and rice buyers at very low prices.

The DDS supporter also explained that inflation will fell when the rice prices fell which around 6% to 2%.

Krizette Chu also said that regulating the imported rice and purchase the available palay at a higher price leaves the rice traders a no choice but to give the same rate.

She also said that the downside that she is seeing about it was that a lot of farmers needed to have a loan to the rice traders so they don’t have a choice but to sell their harvest to these buyers and traders.

Krizette Chu also hoping that the President and the DAR relieve the problem so we can able to avoid or prevent the opportunism.

Read the full statement of Krizette Laureta Chu below:


You know why, despite the President having to deal with cr1sis after cr1sis, that our faith in him is unshakeable?

Because we know without reasonable doubt that Duterte will do his best, that his heart is for the poor. Wala syang pakialam sa ibang factors. He will not dilly dally, not if someone is suffering.

Overwhelmed as he is with our country’s 110 million problems, he listens to all sides and then ALWAYS chooses the side that benefits the poor and the disadvantaged.

Sa totoo lang, NFA doesn’t have to do this. They are only required to shore up about 900,000 MT on any given day.

But because Duterte is Duterte, he just ordered them to buy all palay at good prices so farmers don’t have to sell them to rice buyers and traders at very low, explo1tative prices.

People who don’t understand the nuances of economics simplify the solution as, DONT ORDER IMPORTED RICE NA.

The President cannot also drive away imported rice, or else we will fall back on the same problem we had before, which is that rice traders would monopolize the industry and be able to manipulate prices as we didn’t have other choices.

The thing is, when rice prices fell, inflation also fell from a high of nearly 6 percent to just 2 percent, and so all prices of basic commodities also followed.

The best qu1ck1e solution for the government is to regulate imported rice and then buy all available palay at higher prices to manipulate the standard rate, so that rice traders have no choice but to offer same rate , and this move by the government is VERY VERY laudable.

This is our government showing its might.

As someone who grew up in this industry (wow industry)—where we had farm, farmers selling to us—I know that most businessmen will match the standard pricing.

The only downside I can see is that many farmers who have utang sa rice traders will be forced to sell their harvest to these traders and buyers. I hope the President and the DAR can mitigate this, so that we avoid further explo1tation.

It’s precisely of actions like this why Duterte is well loved.

You know, everyone in this country who’s not been brainwashed by the Opposition knows, HINDI KA PAPABAYAAN. He will never say, “May kinakain pa naman kayo, di ba?”

This is what makes facing all these problems worth decades in one administration tolerable. We are an army led by a lion.