Former PNP Chief to PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde: “Show everyone that you are willing to sacrifice for the institution you are about to leave”

Manila, PHILIPPINES – Recently, the controversy about ninja cops was exposed due to some investigations. Two of the officials, retired and current are on the hot sit. First the retired General and also the incumbent Mayor of Baguio City, Benjamin Magalong, and the other one is the current CPNP Oscar Albayalde.

A post in Facebook of Ado Paglinawan that expresses a thought on the event was stated by former Police Director-General Art Lomibao on October 8, 2019, gets a lot of attention to netizens following Ado.

Former General Art Lomibao handled Magalong and Albayalde as they are both, including Lomibao himself, graduated in the same institution. According to his statement (Lomibao), he knows this two (Magalong and Albayalde). Giving more information, Magalong was then graduated 10 years after Lomibao while Albayalde finished after 14 years.

Lomibao first recall his experience to Magalong during the early 80s as an excellent junior officer. In this particular reason, Lomibao and Magalong, together, they broke the foundation of NPA. However on 2006, Lomibao Magalong was the Chief of the PNP, when Magalong involved in the mutiny that has been aborted. It was during the time of Arroyo’s administration.

On Lomibao’s statement, he added – I vividly recall him saying “sir, hindi ko magagawa sa iyo yan. bata mo ako”. This was happened after Magalong’s arrest when Lomibao confronted him about an information to neutralize the PNP Chief. This is what Lomibao rememberd about Magalong. Meanwhile, on his statement to Oscar Albayalde, he is just a simple man who came to visit on his farm in Pampanga spending some time together with common friends. He also added that Albayalde, in spite of being low-key, is an upright man. That is why he is in pain to see both Magalong and Albayalde are against each other.

Moreover, the retired Police Director General offered an advice to the recent PNP Chief Albayalde – “You are about to retire. You are now a part of history. Just like me, I’m sure you want to leave the PNP and be remembered as a CPNP with a reputation intact.

You are known to be a strict disciplinarian. In fact that’s your comparative advantage, that’s why the president chose you to lead the force even if you are not close to him. Retire with that service reputation, that kind of brand because that will be your legacy.

Be sensitive to public perception.

I suggest that you reinvestigate the said case and leave no stone unturned this time. I’m aware na bata mo si Major Baluyo and no one can fault you for that. Lahat naman tayo may bata noon.

But let’s be consistent, fair and truthful. Let’s not back them up, or protect our bata if they go against the law.

And when you are done with your investigation, come out with the truth.

It’s time to quit, even if it’s one day before retirement.

Show everyone that you are willing to sacrifice for the institution you are about to leave, so that hopefully, this will give a clear signal to those you will leave behind.

Learn from the PMA Superintendent. He sacrificed his position to save the PMA.

Save the PNP.”

On the Faebook post, this was also stated in the end of the statement – “(As for me, I already knew what rotten apple Albayalde is when he ignored helping Glen Chong over the Red Santillan murder in order to protect his boy Calabarzon Brig. Gen. Carranza. The ninja cops scandal merely confirmed that. I also don’t know what else Ed Ano will investigate for the President; Aaron Aquino and Benjie Magalong will not retract their corroboration made under oath. The choice here is who between Albayalde protecting his ninja cops or Duterte protecting Albayalde will look like a better padrino. The president’s approval rating already sank 7 points. The Americans are merely waiting for a trigger for regime change to seat Leni Robredo. – Ang Maestro)”

Source: Ado Paglinawan