LOOK: Jim Paredes slams GMA7: “OK Lang sa inyo na maging role model siya ng kabataan?”

Jim Paredes criticized GMA-7 for letting Bong Revilla work in their station again

The Legendary and well-known OPM artist, Jim Paredes has recently lambasted GMA-7 network after the said network allows Bong Revilla to work again in their station.

Paredes then took his Twitter account, he expressed his opinion and how he was disappointed in the decisions that GMA-7 made, telling that it seems like the said network was only after money and didn’t think or acknowledge the past that the controversial politician in Cavite has.

Paredes also thinks that GMA-7 just wanted to let the public, especially the children, to idolize Revilla once again as he is set to appear in a drama-fantasy show for children.

Paredes stated,

“PERA PERA PERA lahat. OK Lang sa inyo na maging role model siya ng kabataan? C’mon GMA. You can do better than this.”

He added,

“Why would a franchise ALLOW this? That is the bigger question. They have social and corporate responsibilities. The airwaves belong to the Filipino people.”

Meanwhile, some of the netizens and followers of Jim Paredes also give their reactions towards the opinion of Paredes, telling that they are also thinking the same. 

Here are some of their comments:

@artie_76 stated,

“Don’t teach kids how to steal, Bong! And GMA!”

A netizen @jpalipio said,

“Bong Revilla is probably producing it and buying time slots. Sort of how GMA has been running its business lately.”

Recently, a piece of news broke out, telling that Revilla will appear in a drama-fantasy show for children just like his past show which was aired in 20017 entitled ‘Kap’s Amazing Stories’.

It is also reported that Revilla will appear in the movie along with Maine Mendoza and he will become part of their partnership in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2019, apart from the weekly show that he was going to do in GMA.

Revilla was arrested for graft and plunder charges as he was allegedly involved in the pork barrel scam, however, he gets his freedom in December 2018.

He also made a successful political comeback after getting 14,624,445 votes and placed in the ranked 11 in the 2019 Senatorial elections.

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