LOOK: Mayor Inday Sara Duterte slams her critics: “Get off my back. Hindi ako tuta nino man”

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio slammed her critics by saying that she is not anyone’s lapdog.

According to her critics, Inday Sara will be the lapdog of the america if she ever succeeds her father as President citing her ongoing leadership seminar in the United States.

In her Instagram post, she urged the Filipino to be a “global citizens bearing good vibes wherever we go”.

The presidential daughter received some criticism on social media after her photos participating in an event sponsored by the US States Department circulates online.

“I am all Filipino. I have German-American ancestry. I am in love with Japan. I salute China. I adore Singapore. I am fascinated by Korea. I look forward to Taiwan. I am Indonesia and Malaysia’s bff.” she said.

“I long for UAE and Qatar. I respect Iran. I miss Turkey. I want to go back to Israel. I bloody like the UK.” Inday Sara wrote on her Instagram.

“So, get off my back. Hindi ako tuta nino man, di tayo aso o daga, so you should all don’t act like one. We should be global citizens bearing good vibes wherever we go.” she added.