LOOK: Mayor Vico Sotto blames MMDA for worsening traffic in Pasig City

Recently, Mayor Vico Sotto made a statement, telling the netizens on social media the reason why he is having a problem and trouble in solving the traffic issue in Pasig City.

Mayor Sotto made a long post on August 9 on his facebook account, telling why the decision of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on solving the traffic issue in EDSA just makes the condition in some major roads in Pasig City bad.

He stated that a lot of vehicles that came from other cities were using the roads of Pasig City which includes C5 due to the new rules in EDSA, however, he stated that he was still trusting and believing to the MMDA to manage the problem of traffic in Metro Manila.

Mayor Sotto told,

“In recent days, we have had to deal with even more challenges. Most notably, the efforts of the #MMDA along #EDSA have greatly increased vehicle volume in C5 and even the interior roads of Pasig. We will defer to the wisdom & authority of the MMDA, but this increased traffic on our side is a reality for now.”

He also stated that there are no rules, orders, and management can able to solve the traffic issue in Metro Manila except if the government will make a plan on how they can able to stop the proliferation of buying traffic vehicles.

Mayor Sotto stated,

“With all of this in mind, the bottom line is that traffic in Pasig and Metro Manila will continue to worsen no matter what traffic policies we have UNLESS we lessen the demand for cars. This means a greater focus on moving people rather than private vehicles. This means incorporating more non-car modes of transportation in our long-term plans.”

He added,

“We will balance the longer term with the short term need to manage traffic better. This will be difficult, but we are prepared to fight for better mobility in Pasig.”

Sotto also showed how sad and disappointed he is after he found out that the current traffic data is open in Pasig City which makes them having a hard time on how they will make new rules.

He also revealed some of his short term plans on how they can able to solve the traffic in Pasig:

– Recalibration of stoplights based on more recent data

– Clearer policy on the turning off of stoplights for manual enforcement

– Partnership with PNP to help with enforcement and entrapment ops for kotong enforcers (salamat COP)

– Ugnayan sa mga TODA (ongoing; inuna ito dahil sila ang pinaka marami) at iba pang transport groups

– Koordinasyon sa DPWH at Manila Water para mapabilis ang paggawa sa C Raymundo (another post on this later)

– Clearing operations (paki reklamo sa UsaP ang mga brgy na kulang sa aksyon)

– Ordinansang ipinagbabawal ang pagsara ng mga barangay roads (pending sa konseho)

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