LOOK: MMDA Chief Bong Nebrija slams critics: Kung ayaw makipagtulungan huwag magsisihan

Recently, the commander of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Edison “Bong” Nebrija made a statement about to those people who always telling that MMDA were prioritizing private vehicles more than the commuter busses.

He cleared that they didn’t prioritize the private vehicles, it’s just that private vehicles were a lot, unlike buses and the PUB was a wedge in the EDSA that’s why they were having trouble to pass by.

He also stated that people should not just judge MMDA. Nebrija stated that sometimes the problem is the buses doesn’t have discipline in the road, telling that the buses were only around 5%, however, it could hinder around 95% which is the reason why MMDA was thinking about how they can able to solve the problem that’s why they were conducting an experiment.

Nebrija said that there are times they were talking and thinking that some groups might only do it on purpose because they can’t find any reason why they still intersect in the middle of the road and will block EDSA.

At the end of his post, Nebrija said that if other people don’t want to help then they should also not blame one another.

Read the full post of Edison “Bong” Nebrija below:

Maraming nagsasabi na pinagbibigyan namin ang private vehicles more than commuter buses (malinis lang talaga ang private vehicle lanes kasi wala ng makadaan) Mas marami po ang private vehicles compared to buses naiipit lang po ng mga PUB sa Edsa kaya di makadaan.

Before you judge MMDA please look at the pictures. Ang problema minsan wala sa bilang nasa disiplina, 5% nga lang ang buses but it could block the 95% from moving tapos MMDA ngayon ang nageexperiment.

Kaya di namin maiwasang pagusapan na nananabutahe lang talaga ang ibang grupo. Kasi why will you block Edsa at babalagbag sa gitna ng kalsada.

Kung ayaw nating makipagtulungan, please naman huwag na tayong magsisihan.

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