LOOK: Radio host, Blogger Lopez explains why Sen. Kiko Pangilinan deserves to be jailed: “Ang kapal ng mukha!”

“Seriously, when the government files the economic sabotage and other criminal cases against the Ayalas and Manny Pangilinan, can this excrement of a human being be included?”

This was the questioned asked by Mark Lopez a Political Blogger, Radio host and prominent supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, following the facebook post made by Senator Kiko Pangilinan.

In a facebook post, Lopez said Senator Pangilinan deserves to be jailed saying that he is a “menace, a parasite and a scumbag” so he cannot influence the society any further.

“He is perhaps one of the most vile, abominable, odious, revolting, repulsive, repelling, sickening, appalling, shameless, and disgusting Filipino politician EVER” Lopez said.

On Sunday, Senator Kiko Pangilinan said that ‘threatening’ investors with imprisonment if they refuse to accept a government imposed contract is a criminal behavior under the Revised Penal Code.

“Threatening investors with imprisonment should they refuse to accept a government imposed contract is criminal behavior under our Revised Penal Code. Coming as it does from the highest office of the land sends the terrible signal to all investors whether foreign or local that they too can be imprisoned without bail should they disagree with the powers that be.”

“We urge the country’s economic team led by Secretary Dominguez to manage and correct the harm inflicted on the country’s investment climate brought about by such reckless and iressponsible public pronouncements.”

“A bleak investment climate makes for a bleak situation on investments as well as jobs creation that come with it. In his yearend report, Socioeconomic planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia said 2.3 million Filipios remain jobless and another 5.9 million underemployed. We should be part of the solution to adress joblessness in the country not part of the problem.”

The facebook post of Senator Kiko Pangilinan has been already deleted. Luckily netizens was able to screengrab his post before deleting it.

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