LOOK: Radio host lectures Singer Leah Navarro on why there is no ‘uproar’ over Duterte’s absence during Taal Eruption

Political Blogger, Radio host and prominent supporter of the President, Mark Lopez lectured Singer and one of the most vocal critics of the President, Leah Navarro for asking why there is no uproar over Duterte’s physical absence during natural disasters.

In a facebook post, Lopez was replying to the twitter post posted by Leah Navarro expressing her disappointment when there was no uproar over President Duterte absence during natural disasters.

“Why isn’t there uproar over Duterte’s physical absence during natural disasters? Because the rants and rage generated during PNoy’s time were from trolls and bots hired by nefarious characters who used this fake anger to get themselves elected.” said Navarro on her twitter account.

“Now that these nincompoops are in charge, they, especially Duterte, have no real empathy or sympathy for our suffering people. I blame the gullible and uninformed for electing them. Now, even they suffer. How much more 💩 can we endure? I’m done.” she added.

With this, Lopez immediately lectured the veteran singer by saying that there is no uproar because the Duterte’s administration has been proactively doing its job without a media coverage unlike the past administration.

“Leah Navarro, THERE IS NO UPROAR BECAUSE THE DUTERTE ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN PROACTIVELY DOING ITS JOB, at hindi kailangan mag pa cute ang presidente unlike NOYNOY, MAR and LENI na mga idol mo…” said Lopez.

“Put that in your very insensitive and idi0tic head! And totohanin mo yang “I’m Done” mo! Lumayas ka na dito sa Pilipinas para mabawasan ang salot. L3che ka!” he added.

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