LOOK: Radio host slams VP Leni Robredo: “Ang dami mo satsat tapos ngayon lumalabas wala ka pala talaga alam?!”

A well-know blogger and radio host, Mark Lopez has recently lambasted Vice President Leni Robredo after she asked the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Ill3gal Dr4ugs if she can get the data that they have garnered to the results of Oplan Tokhang.

Lopez then took his Facebook account to share his opinion about the statement of Vice President Robredo, questioning the latter why she needed to ask the data that the government garnered in the war against ill3gal dr4ugs when she already have the data that she stated on her controversial video message against United Nations in 2017.

Lopez stated that the statement that made by Robredo is an admission and acknoweledgment that Vice President Robredo didn’t said anything about the factual statistics on her video clip. He also added that Robredo should not make herself look that she doesn’t know anything when in fact, she has.

Lopez stated,

“Eh ano yung mga “datos’ na pinagkakalat mo noon? Ano yung pigura na ipinagsigawan mo sa video mo addressing the UN?!!!”

He continue,

“Ang dami mo satsat sa war on dr4ugs tapos ngayon lumalabas wala ka pala talaga alam?!”

During the controversial message of Robreeo, she stated that there are 7,000 lives that are already lost on the Oplan Tokhang that was implemented by the government.

Robredo, on the other hand, stated on November 8, that she already asked for a meeting with the ICAD because she wanted to know first the statisticts of data related information about the Oplan Tokhang so she knew where she will start on the process of the war against ill3gal dr4ugs.

Robredo said to the ICAD members in the Office of Vice President in Quezon City which happened at the reception hall of her office,

“The reason why I requested for this meeting with you is gusto kong malaman kung saan ako magsisimula at datos.”

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