LOOK: Sec. Tugade refuses to take the commute challenge, but what comes next will shock you!

We all know how simple the Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur Tugade is wherein he also does what normal people do without having a bodyguard or a media beside him.

When a reporter asked him if he is already accepting the challenge that was told by a certain group to him which is to commute in different means of transportation.

“Sec. Tugade, tatanggapin niyo po ba yung hamon ng isang grupo na mag-commute kayo?”

Sec. Tugade simply answered the question and said that he didn’t rides in any public transportation just because someone challenges him to do so because even though they didn’t challenge him, he was already commuting. But the difference is that he didn’t bring any media with him when he is riding any public transportation.

“Hindi ako magko-commute dahil lang sa hinamon ako. KAHIT WALA PANG NAGHAHAMON, NAGKO-COMMUTE NA AKO. Ang diperensya lang, hindi ako nagsasama ng media,” Sec. Tugade said.

Most of us already knew that Sec. Tugade always riding any public transportation just like jeepney, bus, and train without saying or making it to the public. He also didn’t care if the transportation he was riding was already full and he needed to stand up. He even didn’t bring any bodyguards or media with him because he doesn’t want to be treated special when he was outside and he doesn’t want to show or boast about it. He just wanted to have a peaceful life and wanted to be treated like normal people.

A certain netizen even posted a picture of him, standing on the train. Many netizens were really glad and proud to have Sec. Tugade because he never boasts everything about him. He simply sits still and remains to be a simple person that he used to be before he became the Secretary of DOTr.

Source: Goddes Hope Oliveros Libiran