LOOK: Senator Bong Go hinamon si Pres. Spokesman Panelo sa isang challenge

Recently, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo went viral online after his pictures were spreading on the Internet where it showed that he is commuting.

Because of this, Senator Bong Go made a statement, telling that the issue in traffic will not be resolved anymore even how many challenges they will give to Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo.

The statement that the Senator makes was followed to the viral photos of Secretary Panelo where he took more than three hours before he reaches Malacanang from Marikina.

Go even challenged Panelo to just used a motor because it is much faster and they can able to quickly reach the destination where they will go.

He also said that Superman will be the one that can able to help to resolve the problems in traffic along Metro Manila and other places in the country.

Yesterday, Sec. Panelo accepted the “commute challenge” where it took him more than three hours.

Sec. Panelo, on the other hand, also admitted that he faces a lot of hard times when he was commuting from his home to his office in Malacanang.

He said that it was hard for him to rides around 4 public jeepneys and even he rides a motorcycle along JP Laurel.

In the middle of this, Panelo said that there is no cr1sis in tr├Žnsportation because he is able to reach where he will go. But there is a traffic cr1sis that he experienced.

The problem in traffic along Metro Manila was really worse and there is still no solution to this problem. Many netizens, on the other hand, have a different reaction towards the “commute challenge” that Panelo did. Many of them made fun of it while there are some of them became serious and saying some negative feedback about the challenge that Panelo did.