Netizen reveals why Sara Duterte must become the next President in 2022

Surely, most of us already have our candidate to run in the Presidential election in 2022 such as Grace Poe, Alan Peter Cayetano, BongBong Marcos, Manby Pacquiao, Isko Moreno, Manny Villar, and more.

However, most of us want Sara Duterte to win in the Presidential election.

A Facebook page, One Caraga Movement, made a statement telling some reasons why Sara Duterte must become the next President in the Philippines.

The Facebook page said that we all know that the President already started new policies, programs, and projects to the country. He already had a lot of commitments to his new partners in China, Russia, Japan, and the United States.

And if another President from the different political party will be elected, some programs might be stopped or in at-risk because they might be changed the projects or plans that President Rodrigo already started.

The post also said that Sara Duterte will be the best person to continue building the urban development area outside Manila such as Cebu, Bulacan, Davao, Clark, and Cagayan.

One more thing, the Federal form of government might be changed. The Supreme Court in Mindanao was part of the plan which might be changed if another President from the different parties will be elected.

That is the reason why President Duterte needed Sara to succeed and continue the plans and projects that he was planning to the country.

Read the full statement of One Caraga Movement below:

Why Rody needs Sara to win in 2022

In two and a half years we will elect once again a new President who will lead our country of 110 Million people. There are a few candidates that come to mind as follows: Grace Poe, Alan Peter Cayetano, BongBong Marcos, Manny Pacquiao, Isko Moreno, and Manny Villar to name a few. But if we are to anælyze who President Digong wants to succeed him, it will undoubtedly have to be his daughter Sara. I will try to explain why.

Continuity of Policies, Programs and Projects

The President has made many commitments to his new partners in China, Russia as well as with our traditional allies like Japan and the United States with regards to the many projects the Philippine government has embarked on such as upgrading our military capabilities, or in terms of trade deals, and with regards to the many build build build infrastruture projects being implemented all over the country.

Electing another President from a different political party could put some government programs at risk. A formerly dual citizen Grace Poe, for example, could undo some of the dealings this administration have entered into with China. She might decide not to pursue some projects initiated by her “good friend” Trænsportation Secretary Art Tugade.

The construction of new international airports could not push thru and payments of some high interest bearing foreign loans might be compromised if a Grace Poe presidency will have other plans and projects to pursue.

Hence, there must be continuity. The best person to continue building urban development areas outside Manila, such as Clark, Bulacan, Cagayan, Cebu and of course, Davao, would be no other than Sara Duterte.

The Failed Plan to Shift Federalism

If only federalism pushed thru, the President could just endorse anyone he really likes or someone he owes a personal debt of gratitude to. After all the most powerful person in a federal parliamentary set up would be the Prime Minister as head of government.

A Federal form of government would have changed the way our government is structured. Part of the plan was to have a Supreme Court in Mindanao. So given all the alleged human rights violations and alleged cr1m3s against humanity committed by our President, it will be unlikely for a Mindanao Supreme Court to send him to prison.

But now that federalism plans didnt push through, having a daughter as next President would be great insurance against possible jail time. No doubt Digong needs Sara to succeed him.

Having a child of a former President to be elected also as President happened a couple of times before. Gloria Arroyo’s dad was former President Diosdado Macapagal. PNoy’s mom is Cory. So it’s not unusual. Sarah is herself a lawyer and a multiple term city mayor. She would exactly be following her father’s winning footsteps in her rise to the highest seat of power in our country.

What a unique ang amazing political story it will be. First time that a child will immediately succeed his or her parent in the presidency. Her father is the oldest elected President on record. If ever, she will be the youngest.

While it’s clear Digong needs Sara to succeed him, some important questions also need to be answered. Will she win if ever she decides run? Will she continue the anti illeg4l dr4gs and anti corruption campaign started by her father? Will she succceed as President? It is too early to tell. For her part, Sara prefers to zip her mouth for now. Besides, her winnability is going to be largely determined by the performance of, and the people’s trust and confidence on her own father.

Abangan nalang.

God bless our country

Source: One Caraga Movement