Pinoy-at-Heart British reacts to Maria Ressa’s statement that PH is ‘worse than any w4r zone’

Recently, a certain netizen named Malcolm Conlan took his Facebook account to express his opinion towards Maria Ressa, who recently stated that reporting from the Philippines was much more worse compared to any w4r zone.

Conlan stated that Ressa should stop spreading fake news which aimed at destroying the image of the administration as well as President Rodrigo Duterte.

He also explained that a lot of Filipinos are already saying that they feel much safer now compared to the previous administration because corruption and crime were continuously decreasing and people who got addicted to ill3gal dr4ugs were decreasing as well.

At the end of his post, Conlan advised Ressa and said that she should be careful or think before saying such a rumor to the Philippines.

Recently, during the interview with Maria Ressa at the next edition of 60 Minutes, November 10, Sunday, at 7 p.m. on CBS, she stated that Bill Whitaker was worse compared to being in a w4r zone.

“This is far worse than any w4r zone that I’ve been in.”

She added,

“In a w4r zone you know exactly where the threats are coming from. We’ve been living through three years of this kind of hell.”

Ressa together with her young staff also revealed the corruption that was happening in the current administration because the administration keep on arresting and harassing her so that she can be quiet and will not say something bad about the current administration that might destroy the name of the President as well as his officials.

 “The head of that arresting group told our reporter, ‘Be silent, or you’re next.’ And that is exactly what the government is doing, systematically. Be silent, or you’re next.”

Ressa also clear in her interview that the charges that were filed to her weren’t true.

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