Pretentious lang? Political Blogger Krizette Laureta Chu slams Liberal Party: “Tumulong kayo ng totoo”

Kamakailan lang ay naging viral sa social media ang tungkol sa naging pahayag ng ilang mga kritiko ng Pangulo laban sa kanyang kakatapos lang na SONA.

Maraming mga kritiko ng Pangulo ang bumatikos sa kanya dahil sa kanyang naging ikalimang State of the Nation Address na tila wala umano itong ibinigay na plano upang labanan ang lumalalang sitwasyon sa bansa.

Kaya naman hindi napigilan rumesbak ang kilalang taga suporta ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte na si Krizette Laureta Chu na kung saan sinabi nito na dapat ng tigilan ng mga kritiko ng Pangulo ang kanilang pagmamagaling sa panahon ng krisis.

Ayon kay Chu, dapat na umano tigilan ng mga Liberal Party ang kanilang pagpapanggap na marunong silang humawak lalo na sa panahon ng krisis, dahil palpak rin umano ang naging tugon nila sa nangyaring trahedya noong kasagsagan ng Yolanda.

BASAHIN ang naging facebook post ni Krizette Laureta Chu sa ibaba:


Yolanda raged for five hours. Just five hours.

Aid poured in in billions of dollars from around the world. AID, not debt. AID, because the entire world could afford to help, unaffected as they were.

The hardest hit was a province of a measly 4 million.

It took a week for the national government to reach some areas. The cash for work programs were mostly spearheaded by private organizations. The dead were rotting for weeks beside their families. The relief goods were nowhere to be seen. Many of the schools were rebuilt by private entities. There were no decent homes built.

THE NERVE of the previous administration’s puppets and old officials to suggest solutions for Covid-19. THE NERVE, when they couldn’t handle a relatively small and quickly contained cr1sis.

The nerve to pretend to know they know what strategy and hard work and empathy mean.

This government has built health facilities, isolation centers, dorms, within months, as a pandemic rages, while LP never built good respectable homes for people. None. Even when they had the luxury of time, and money.

The current government, even with lapses, tried to reach as many for cash aid, even with hiccups. LP couldn’t reach a measly 4 million.

The government has sent home hundreds of thousands of people thru the Hatid Probinsya program and the OFW repatriation program, but many who wanted to escape to Manila or Cebu from Leyte (A FREAKING ONE HOUR TRIP BY BOAT OR PLANE) had to do so with their own efforts, and it was chaos and God help you if you wanted to ride the C130. Were there programs to help displaced Warays? None.
The nerve to pretend to care about today’s LSIs.

When we were fighting over basic commodities and gas, as prices skyrocketed, where was your DTI?

You don’t recognize the hundreds of infrastructure built DURING the pandemic, but you never even built one hospital in Leyte when the major hospital Bethany was washed out, and the regional hospital needed supplies. And the doctors and nurses who wanted to go and volunteer had to spend money on their own in hotels + found it so hard to coordinate.

And I haven’t even scratched the surface of your staggering inefficiency yet.

And yet here you are, standing on your soapbox, spouting such grand ideas you never did yourself.

You may be able to fool the very few blind Filipinos who never were impacted by your cruelty and your arrogance and your lack of initiative, because they were so sheltered, but many of us who know your kind will scoff at your hypocrisy. Hindi nyo kami madadala sa mga song and dance numbers ninyo.

The nerve to pretend how to handle a global cr1sis when it couldn’t even handle a provincial one.

The nerve to pretend your passive-aggressive “suggestions” carry the weight of experience and expertise!

You don’t want us to keep rubbing Yolanda in your faces? Then don’t pretend you know what efficiency means.

Tumulong kayo ng totoo, gaya ng pag tulong na ginawa ng ibang bansa at private organizations sa inyo dati na walang kalakip na kabastusan, the way na walang kontrabida sa panahon ni Aquino.
If there’s anyone politicizing the pandemic, it’s you.