Sermon ang inabot ng isang kagawad Nahuli Dahil Uminom sa Publiko, Mayor Isko Hinanap

Manila, PHILIPPINES – Recently, the incumbent Mayor of Manila, Isko Moreno had done a lot of accomplishments to fix the problems in the chaotic streets of Manila. While taking care of the people’s interest, Mayor Isko is very restless on his sit. As people may know, this Mayor never rest just to make Manila great again. Through the after effect of President Duterte, Mayor Isko was influenced by the President’s action; to follow his way of solving things.

One busy night, Mayor Isko drive his way to precinct 2, where a number of people violated the city’s ordinance 5555 that prohibits the citizens to drink liquor along the streets. As he arrived in the said precinct, Isko confronted one of the violators who is actually a”kagawad” as their conversation started immidiately – “kagawad ka diba?(You are a kagawad)” the kagawad answered yes while Isko seconded “pero alam mo yung batas?( but did you know the law)” because it is very obvious that this official violates the law even though they are properly oriented about the implementation of the law.

Mayor Isko still wants to listen to what the kagawad will going to say as he also deserves to explain why he violated the city’s ordinance in the first place.

“Yung loob po ng bahay naming maliit..maliit lang kasi po may birthday lang po..kasi po birthday po ng pamangkin ko..maliit lang po yung lugar naming kaya lumabas kami ng konte sa may likuan namin..”

As the kagawad explains, Mayor isko asked if it is right and necessary. The kagawad answered no, and to that, Isko followed it up with another question “ba’t ginawa nyo pa rin?”

The barangay kagawad knows that he exactly violated an ordinance which Mayor Isko doesn’t want to be violated most especially by a barangay official. In the end, instead of engaging in further argument, the kagawad apologize to Isko due to his actions. But isko still wants to insist about the law violated by a barangay official just because of a simple occasion that he don’t want to happen again. And in the end, because of his love in his city, it ended up into a good advice with full of selfies.

Going to precinct 2 mga nahuli sa violation ng Ord. 5555 bawal uminom ng alak sa pambuklikong lugar!#BagongMaynila

Posted by Isko Moreno Domagoso on Sunday, October 13, 2019

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