Tagbilaran Exec’s Son Nabbed for ‘ė̃cstasy’

We all know that the drứgs in our country were continuously spreading all over different cities. The current administration already took a lot of drứgs as well as the drứg users and drứg owners. However, up until now, the police officers were still doing their best just to slowly finding and catching the people behind the drứgs, those users, and those who still continuously buy it. They also hinder the transaction of drứgs in the country to other countries.

And just recently, the son of the city administrator of Tagbilaran City, Bohol was arrested after he was caught using party drứg which is an ė̃cstasy tablet during the buy-bust operation on Saturday in the afternoon on a certain hotel on the said City.

The suspect is unable to squirm when he was arrested by the combination of Philippine Drứg Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Central Visayas. The suspect was identified as Eric John Borja, 26-year-old, the son of the Tagbilaran City Administrator Leonides “Edi” Borja, according to the confirmation of NBI Bohol Director Atty. Renan Oliva.

Based on the report, a certain buy-bust operation was executed by the authorities in Crescent Hotel which is located in Gallares St., Tagbilaran City, Bohol on Saturday.

It was found out that the suspect will meet there his clients who will gonna take the party drứgs on him, however, little did he know, that the people that he got transaction is, is the operatives which is the reason why he got arrested.

The police officers got around 7 pieces of ė̃cstasy tablet which cost around P12,000.

The police officers all over different cities in the country were still doing their very best that they can do just stop those people to use illegal drứgs and to arrest those drứg users and abusers.


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