VIRAL: Ex-Girlfriend ni utol nais pakasalan ni kuya pero hindi alam ni kuya na huthutera pala

Iloilo, Philippines – A conflict arose between a girlfriend, and ex-boyfriend’s brother. The woman was said to be a “huthutera” or claimed to be a gold digger, when she had given some money to prepare for their wedding but unfortunately, she vanished.

The woman was named Glaiza Turita Padrones. A 25 years old who said to be working as a secretary in Sany Steel Marketing in Iloilo. She currently lived in Barangay Batuan.

The victim, Oliver Olivenza, a 57 years old who worked abroad asked his brother Mark Olivenza to court his ex-girlfriend. Mark and Glaiza had a relationship for 3 years.  Luckily, Mark permitted his brother to pursue Glaiza for the reason that he knew Glaiza will take care of everything. Oliver Olivenza is presently under dialysis.

On the statement of Oliver, his wedding with Glaiza was already on-set and he bought her a wedding ring. That’s not all; he also prepared an apartment, a car, and a regular financial support, that reached for almost 4 Million Pesos all in all. As Raffy Tulfo interviewed Oliver, he stated that there was no act of sensuality happened during their dates because Glaiza always together with his relatives during their night out.

Glaiza immediately vanished after the last time that these two was spotted on a hotel in Iloilo City (Richmond Hotel). Meanwhile, Glen gave the family information of Glaiza because he wants to talk to her.

For some information, Glaiza was known as a timekeeper in a hospital located at Pototan, Iloilo City by her parents. Her father’s name is Ellie Padrones while her mother is Mae Padrones. Glaiza also has two siblings namely Joshua Padrones and Lovely Padrones who are still studying.

Raffy Tulfo in Action page on Facebook announced to everyone that whosoever knows the location of Glaiza to please send them a message. In addition, it is not also for the sake of the Olivanzas, but for the sake of Glen as well. Raffy Tulfo also acknowledge that they are open to hear the statement of Glaiza Turita Padrones on the issue.

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