VIRAL: Muntik ng mahampas ni Idol Raffy ang mic sa kaniya dahil sa sinabi nito

Recently, a certain husband Allan Abballe who is an OFW in Saudi went to Raffy Tulfo to seek help to get back together with his wife.

Allan said that they started their misunderstanding because of money and because his wife doesn’t want to talk to him via video call every once a month. Because of that, Allan said that he said some hurtful words towards his wife.

His wife, Aiza Aballe, denied the accusation of Allan, telling that he was the one who wanted to split up when he was still abroad. But Allan said that the reason why he said that is that he is really sad in abroad and he just wanted to talk to his wife but she just continuously declining it.

When Raffy asked Aiza her reason why she can’t accept talking to her husband via video call, she said that there is no signal in their place which makes Raffy doubt about her, telling that she might be having a secret because if she really loves her husband, she will do anything to talk to him whether it is sunny or rainy or there is no signal.

But Aiza said that she didn’t love Allan because she just forced to marry him because he begs her and cries his out just to be with her. Raffy then said to Allan that Aiza doesn’t love him before, doesn’t love him now, and probably will not love him forever.

Allan, on the other hand, admitted that the youngest girlfriend that he was is 14-year-old and said that he likes youngest women. Upon knowing about that, Raffy said that he is also the one who has the problem because he keeps insisting himself to the youngest women. Raffy also advised him that he should get women who are in his age and not the youngest one and he should consult a doctor because he might be a problem on himself.

Watch the full video below:

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